giovedì 12 marzo 2020

Smartworking and Coronavirus (EN)

Dear customers,

in this page, constantly updated, we would like to summarize all the handy information in this critical period.

At this moment we are overwhelmed by the support requests. For this reason, we have closed all the unofficial communication channels because is not possible for us to correctly manage priorities and queues differently.
Please make your requests opening tickets by the following ways:

Telegram smartphone App @ithelp_scbot 

Biggest costumers could have a dedicated e-mail address.

Here some tip to use our ZEROCLIENT smart working system efficiently.

The access is very easy and safe, a video (sorry I'm not a pro video blogger), is the easiest way to explain the system:

If your organization don't already have its Zeroclient, the connecting URL is:
You could use any modern WEB browser to connect (eg. Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

Access credentials are normally sent individually.

The system could be used from any updated PC or mobile platform: Windows, MAC, Linux, Android iOS etc. The use of Bluetooth Keyboards is strongly recommended in case of mobile devices.

WARNING: please don't test the system from your PC, use another one.

Someone of you is matching difficulties with the keyboard layout.
Only in this case, please check the OS keyboard layout like in the picture:

The keyboard layout MUST be set on "EN" (US) to match always your local keyboard. I'm referring to the keyboard layout of the REMOTE MACHINE ONLY!

Yor remote work will be more effective using the "full screen" browser feature, activable by the F11 key. You need some use reccomendation:
  • Don't use F11 key when you are already inside your remote desktop
  • The best moment to go "full screen" is after ZEROCLIENT login
  • To exit "full screen" press again F11 but only after exit the remote desktop.
The auto-hide side menù to Disconnect the remote session is activable by  CTRL + ALT + SHIFT keys.

IMHO Firefox Full-screen feature is the smartest.

If you are experiencing disconnections every few seconds, probably you have left open another connection in another place or in anther tab of your browser.

Our Zeroclient system use will coast 20€/user/quarter (only in case of use during the quarter).

Zeroclient portal is safe, the communication is protected by HTTPS, every access is logged. The data network behind is logged and monitored.

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